Our Core Values:
Team work,Passion,Commitment,Communication,Integrity,Customer focus,Efficiency,Diversity,Respect,Trustworthy.
We strive to maintain a fun and positive work environment & encouraging our employees to enjoy themselves at work and think outside the box.
If you see yourself as someone with a solution-attitude, with passion and drive, you’ll fit right into the TDL team.
We recognize that our business depends on the dedication and performance of our employees. We encourage our employees to focus on achievement through collaboration and Embarkation.
We work together, but we also stand out as individuals who take pride in being part of building the future.
TDL have a solutions-focused attitude, we are competent, and we are known to deliver on our promises we are all about continuous learning, self improvement and growth. If you would like to be a part of this passionate, hard working team, put your email below, you will be notify while we hiring.